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Chatham Seaside Links


Address: 209 Seaview Ave.
Chatham Seaside Links (Chatham)
MA, 02633

The Chatham Seaside Links was built in 1895 as part of the Chatham Bars Inn resort but the course has since been taken over by the town of Chatham. It is a compact, very playable 9-hole course that is centrally located right in downtown Chatham. Though it is a smaller course golfers of all levels are sure to find some challenges here and getting matched with a 3-some is never too long a wait. The holes consist of mostly par 3's and 4's. Though the course has in the past taken some heat for the consistency of its maintanence and the presence of astro turf on some holes, that has of late been changing. See the recent letter-to-the-editor below for details.

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Phone Number:  508-945-4774
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